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Oral Surgery Post Op

Avoid the 4 S's for minimum 2 days post surgery




Soda (anything with carbonation)

DO NOT DISTURB THE AREA: For the next few days, and especially the first 24 hours, it is very important to allow the body to form a good clot and start the natural healing process. Swishing, sucking through a straw, and smoking can dislodge the clot. Keep anything sharp from entering the wound (crunchy food, toothpicks, eating utensils). Be sure to chew on the opposite side for 24 hours. Absolutely no spitting for 2 days. If you feel like you need to spit, drink ice water instead. Use your Sockit Gel every 3-4 hours until finished. 


BLEEDING: When you leave the office, you might be biting on a gauze pad to control bleeding. Keep slight pressure on this gauze for at least 30 minutes. Don't change it during this time; it needs to remain undisturbed while a clot forms in the extraction socket. After 30 minutes, you may remove it. You may bite on another gauze or a tea bag for another 30 minutes if you feel it is still bleeding. Small amounts of blood in the saliva can make your saliva appear quite red. This is normal and may be noticed the rest of the day after the procedure.


PAIN: Some discomfort is normal after surgery. To minimize pain, take 500mg Tylenol + 600mg ibuprofen together every 6 hours until bedtime to maintain comfort. Take it before the anesthesia wears off. If prescription pain medicine is prescribed, take it as instructed on the label. Don’t exceed the dose on the label. Taking with food or milk will help reduce upset stomach.  Sockit Gel will provide topical relief.  Avoid driving or operating heavy machinery when taking pain prescriptions. Do not drink alcohol while taking prescription pain medications.


SWELLING: Applying an ice bag to the face over the operated area will minimize swelling. Apply for 15 minutes and then remove for 15 minutes. Continue this for the first day.


NUMBNESS: The local anesthetic will cause you to be numb for several hours after you leave the office. Be very careful not to bite, chew, pinch, or scratch the numb area. Sometimes the extraction causes residual numbness or tingling for weeks or longer.


BRUSHING: Do not brush your teeth for the first 8 hours after surgery. After this, you may brush your teeth gently, but avoid the area of surgery for 3 days.


RINSING: Avoid all rinsing or swishing for 24 hours after extraction. Rinsing can disturb the formation of a clot which is essential to proper healing. This could cause bleeding and risk of dry socket. After 24 hours you may begin gentle rinsing with a saltwater solution (1 tablespoon salt + 8 ounces warm water).


DIET: Eat soft foods for the first two days. Maintain a good, balanced diet. Return to normal regular meals as soon as you are able after the first two days. Drink plenty of water. Avoid alcohol for 48 hours. Absolutely no use of straws or soda for 2 days!


Activity: After leaving the office, rest and avoid strenuous activities for the remainder of the day. Keeping blood pressure lower will reduce bleeding and aid healing. Sleep with your head slightly elevated.


Sinus: If your sinus was involved in the procedure, you should avoid blowing your nose or playing a wind music instrument for one week. Use of decongestant medications might be recommended.



Please call us at 816-633-5393 if you have:
Uncontrollable pain
Excessive or severe bleeding
Marked fever
Excessive warm swelling occurring a few days after the procedure
Reactions to medications, especially rash, itching, or breathing problems

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